PAYBOX has developped a new payment method that aimes at providing merchants with an easy, powerful and non-espensive tool.

PAYBOX Mail enables a merhant, a company or an organisation to offer their prospects, customers or members to take advantage of a promotional offer, to confirm a reservatoin, to make a gift, to renew membership or make a downpayment.

The way it works is simple :

    A userfriendly interface allows to generate transactional emails, manage the transmission and follow-up the payments.
Example templates can be crated (text, simplified html and html)
An attachment can be added to the email (offer, invoice, example).
    Your customer or prospect receives a personanlised email with a description of the offer and the amount to be paid. A hyperlink will allow the customer to automatically open a secure payment page on the PAYBOX platform with all details of the proposed transaction.  

PAYBOX Mail allows you to participate in e-commerce, wether your have a website or not.


Some examples of use :

  Send an offer with a request for downpayment,  
  Confirmation of a reservation (hotel, stay, rent, ...),  
  Promotional sale  
  Renewal of membership or subscription  
  Participation fee to an event  
  Reminder for overdue, or payment of an invoice  


PAYBOX Mail allows your to participate in e-commerce with or without a website : A transactional email generator with a basic layout (text) or a more sofisticated layout (HTML) will allow you to free yourself from the problems related to the creation and maintenance of an e-commerce website.

Simplicity and speed : U can immediately start without any required technical background. The user-friendly and intuitive interface allows you to create and manage your contacts. You are free to reach out to your customers with your offer at the moments you decide yourself.

A wide range of functionality : Create your email templates, manage your contacts, manage your emails. Payment back-office that allows to manage payments (cancel, postponed debit, manual entry MO/TO, refund, etc...).

This solution is independant of the acquirer and supports more than 30 different payment methods : The merchant does not need to change bank. The system is compatible with e-commerce contracts of several acquirers. Changing acquirer is free of charge. Besides the support for classic payment cards (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro), the solution also supports private label cards (Amex, Diners, Bancntact/Mistercash, ...) and alternative payment methods like paypal, buyster, ...




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