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PAYBOX Mail is offered to 2 types of actors :

  Merchants who currently have an e-commerce website or who don't have a website and would like to offer customers and prospect an easy and secure solution to pay online with bank cards.
PAYBOX Mail enables a merchant, a company or an organisation to offer their prospects, customers or members to take advantage of a promotional offer, to confirm a reservatoin, to make a gift, to renew membership or make a downpayment.
  To Webagencies, direct marketing companies, website builders who would like to expand their offer with an email tool with an integrated secure payment service, easy to setup and with low operation costs.
PAYBOX Mail allows these parties to work on this new medium and monetize their graphical skills for creating templates and design.

Properties of the service :

The PAYBOX MAIL service allows you to :

  Create email templates (text, simplified html and html),
  Manage your contacts in an addressbook,
  Create transactional emails to an individual customer or a bulk list,
  Manage your payments,
  Support for cancellation and partial or complete refund of the payment,
  Manual capture of the payment details to support MO/TO (mail order / telephone order),
  Access to statistics,

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