Opening my account

How to take advantage of the PAYBOX MAIL service ? :

The entity or person who would like to use the PAYBOX MAIL service needs to be a registered entity (have a VAT number or company number). Also government departments, cities and public services can become a user of the PAYBOX MAIL service.

Obtaining a contract for distance selling with an acquirer : The merchant must obtain a contract for distance selling that allows him to accept payment cards. Paybox can assist you in obtaining such a contract. Please contact our sales department for support.

PAYBOX SYSTEM supports many different acquirers and you don't have to change bank to use the PAYBOX MAIL service. The acquiring will credit all received payments on your existing bank account.

The acquirer will then :

- Provide you with a merchant identification number. The acquirer will also quote you the commission that will be apliquable on every transaction (roughly 2%), this commission will be deducted by the acquirer on every individual payment before crediting your bankaccount .

- Your acquirer does not need to provide a physical nor virtual POS (point of sale terminal).

Finaly you only need to sign up for the PAYBOX Mail service and fill in the subscription form with your company details, the obtained merchand number and once dully signed and returned to Paybox, your account will be created.

Your acquier will credit your bank account for the payments received on a daily basis.

What are the costs ? :

    Acces and one-time setup fee : 170 Euro excl. VAT (one-time)
    Monthly subscription fee : 25 Euro excl. VAT (Visa, MasterCard and Maestro). This includes the PAYBOX Mail service and the secure payment module. The first 100 payments are included in the monthly subscription fee.
    Unit price per authorisation request : 0,096 Euro excl. VAT + 0,025 Euro excl. VAT for 3D Secure authentication
    Cost per band of 100 outgoing emails : 1,12 Euro excl VAT
      Prices as of december 31, 2017.

Steps to follow to subscribe :

Downlaod the subscription form and return dully signed and completed by fax on +33 1 61 38 16 56 or by mail to PAYBOX / POINT TRANSACTION SYSTEMS - 11A, Rue Jacques Cartier 78280 GUYANCOURT FRANCE of by email to your commercial contact person.

Upon receipt, PAYBOX SERVICES will verify your subscription and proceed with the creation of your account, you will then receive an email message with instructions on how to connect to the platform.

  Donwload the subscription form PAYBOX Mail (pdf 98 Kb)
  Download presentation PAYBOX Mail (pdf - 365 Kb)


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