Paybox Mail offers you all the complementary payment systems, connected to all the banks and more than 30 payment methods, whether you have an e-commerce site or not.

Payment by email

Quickly incorporate a payment link into your quotes or email a deposit request directly from Paybox Mail.

SMS payment

Have your reservations easily confirmed by payment thanks to our system. By introducing Paybox Mail in your processes you will speed up the payment of reservations and save time.

Payment by QR code

Use the QRcode as a contactless, individual or collective, self-service payment method. The QRcode has the advantage of being able to be scanned from many media: a poster, a sticker, a screen, a card...

Payment by link

Generate individual or collective payment links, to transmit them by digital means: Email, SMS, Chat, Social Networks, Advertisements etc...

Single or multiple shipments

Whether it's piecemeal or tens of thousands, manage your email and SMS sending flexibly according to your needs.

Creation of your models (text, simplified html and html)

Send payment requests personalized to your image, thanks to Paybox Mail's customizable templates.

Managing your contact database

Create contacts on the fly, import contacts, select existing contacts, Paybox Mail allows you to flexibly manage your contacts in complete security.

Management and reflation of your payments

Track your payments easily, schedule reminder rules in advance or on a case-by-case basis, cancel in 2 clicks if necessary.

Manual entry of payments

Manually enter payments from your phone or mail sales with ease

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