Use cases

Discover without delay Paybox Mail! Installed in less than 48 hours, our solution allows you to sell your products or offer your services, without creating an e-commerce site.

Issuance of a quote with down payment request

Quickly incorporate a payment link into your quotes or email a deposit request directly from Paybox Mail.

Confirmation of reservation (hotel, stay, rental, catering, ...)

Have your reservations easily confirmed by payment thanks to our system. By introducing Paybox Mail in your processes you will speed up the payment of reservations and save time.

Promotional sale

Broadcast an email, a QRcode or a payment SMS to your customers and prospects to boost your promotional sales.

Collection of donations

Collect donations faster and easier for your associations or for your project.

Membership or subscription renewal

Automate subscription or membership renewals and save time and efficiency.

Registration for an event

Concerts, shows, private parties... launch thousands of invitations by email, SMS, on social networks, by QRcode

Unpaid reminder, bill payment

Increase the efficiency of your unpaid reminders and reduce the effective payment deadlines. The Paybox Mail solution not only facilitates the payment of invoices, but increases the chances of being paid within a reasonable time, before starting a heavy collection procedure.

Sale on all social networks

Create a payment page and share the link with your customers in a few clicks. Sell your products or subscriptions via a simple link to share. Paybox Mail allows you to imagine and optimize your marketing and commercial actions on social networks.

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